How to Update the NSwitch of FW by BigWhiteRabbit(ChoiDujourNX_1.02)

Use SXOS as the sample, enter Album then go to HOMEBREW then find out the ChoiDujourNX(1.0.2) and Launch it.
這裡以 SXOS 為例,進入 相簿 然後切換到 HOMEBREW 那一頁,接下來找到大白兔,啟動它。

Copy 9.2.0 of offline upgrade package into SD of the root folder, (SD:/) and package folder name as 9.2.0 and tap 9.2.0 or select 9.2.0 of the folder.
複製 9.2.0 的 離線升級包到 SD 的 根目錄,且資料夾命名為 9.2.0

After you tap the 9.2.0 of folder, then tap Choose.
在你點擊 9.2.0 的資料夾,然後點擊 Choose 按鈕。
If you using the SX OS, please select exFAT (assume you are using the exFAT of SD card format).
假設你使用 SX OS,請選擇 9.2.0(exFAT)。
After the file verification is done, then tap Select Firmware.
等待檔案驗証完畢後,然後點搫 Select Firmware 。
Tap Start Installation.
點擊 Start Installation。
Tap Shutdown Now!
點擊 Shutdown Now!

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